Airspace Design

Airspace Design Optimization

Airspace-Design-smallEach airspace has its own constraints. From lack of available capacity to challenging obstacles to poor airspace design, air navigation service providers, airlines and airports are constantly looking for new solutions to enhance safety, increase capacity, maximize efficiency and reduce air traffic controllers workload.

Metron Aviation’s comprehensive airspace design and analysis ensures that all stakeholders are collaboratively deciding on the best concept of operations. Metron’s analysis and design, based on its operational expertise, takes into consideration all phases of flight. Metron’s solutions include airspace sectorization and design, traffic forecasting and airport and airspace capacity studies.

Within the United States, as the National Airspace System evolves, en route, TRACON, and terminal airspace has to be designed to accommodate shifting demand patterns and to leverage new NextGen technologies, including performance-based navigation. Metron Aviation adopts a holistic approach to airspace design, including factors such as:

  • Creation of local structural components (e.g. routes, airspace sectors, metering points)
  • Understanding of the connectivity with the overall airspace system
  • Development of procedures for safe and efficient operation of the airspace

All of these aspects must be integrated in a way that balances structure, which lends predictability, with flexibility, which provides routing options for aircraft operators. Structure where needed, flexibility where possible.

Metron Aviation employs advanced mathematical models, airspace system simulators, detailed airspace and environmental impact, and subject matter experts to create airspace that meets current needs and the needs of the future.

Airspace Design and Analysis Benefits

  • Increases Airspace Capacity
  • Enhances ATM Planning
  • Positives Environmental Impact
  • Reduces Aircraft Fuel Burn
  • Decreases Airlines Operating Costs
  • Enhances Traffic Predictability
  • Improves Access to Airport

Airspace Design Capabilities

  • Comprehensive Capacity Studies
  • Dynamic Airspace Sectorization
  • Airspace Design Analysis
  • Airspace Design Simulations

Airspace Design Analysis

Metron Aviation performs airspace design and research analysis on various aspects of airspace operations within en route and terminal airspace to identify inefficiencies in existing systems and develop solutions to improve capacity, safety and reduce operational costs.