ATFM – CDM (Federal Aviation Administration)

For more than 10 years, the FAA has partnered with Metron Aviation to develop a systematic approach to CDM and common situational awareness that has eliminated more than 70 million minutes of delays for North American air carriers. Metron Aviation’s pioneering research, underlying algorithms and preferred operating procedures have led to the creation of many successful traffic flow management technologies used by more than 100 FAA facilities and 24 participating airlines each day:

Flight Schedule Monitor (FSM) is a decision support tool used to monitor airport capacity/demand imbalances, model traffic flow initiatives and evaluate alternative approaches. FSM is primarily used to implement Ground Delay Programs (GDP), Airspace Flow Programs (AFP) and Ground Stop (GS) strategies.

Enhanced Substitution Module (ESM) is an automated flight substitution aid that provides airline dispatchers with resource alerts, delay previews and other tools that support the strategic or tactical
cancellation and substitution of FAA-controlled flights.