Airspace Redesign (Las Vegas)

As part of a comprehensive redesign, Metron Aviation conducted a noise analysis of new LAS, HND, and VGT procedures developed by the LAS Design Team. Metron Aviation performed a screening analysis for Henderson Executive Airport (HND) for Area Navigation (RNAV) routes that are to be implemented in the current airspace associated with the Las Vegas Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) facility. These procedures are considered by the FAA to have independent utility with regard to the current airspace optimization procedures being developed for LAS under the Las Vegas Airspace Optimization Environmental Assessment (EA). Metron’s analysis uses the current existing conditions noise construct as developed for the LAS Airspace Optimization EA project as the baseline noise comparison benchmark with which HND RNAV procedures were analyzed. Based on this work, Metron Aviation successfully aided the FAA with its implementation.