GCAA Capacity Study (United Arab Emirates)

In 2013, Metron Aviation conducted an in-depth study of current Airspace and Air Traffic Management (ATM) resources in the UAE. Its purpose was to conduct a gap analysis based on forecasted traffic by 2015, 2020 and 2030. The result was an outline of a nationwide concept of operations plan as well as key policy and regulatory recommendations. Metron Aviation worked closely with the GCAA and National Airspace Advisory Committee (NASAC) representatives to provide an in-depth study detailing the current state of UAE airspace and ATM systems, and what they need to meet expectations through the 2030 timeframe for increased capabilities, fuel efficiency and operations. The study also presented the stakeholder agreed-to concept of operations plan and provides a path towards its implementation. The study identified key policy matters for national-level decision, and produced 53 specific recommendations that will prepare the UAE for the future and alleviate current day saturation and system limitations. Most recently, the UAE and Metron Aviation have continued their work together towards the implementation of an Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) system and airspace redesign.