About Metron Aviation

Our History

Founded in 1995, Metron Aviation pioneered the advancement of air traffic flow management research and is recognized today for its proven track record in deploying and supporting world-class air traffic flow management systems. Flight Schedule Monitor (FSM), which was developed by Metron and deployed system-wide in 1999, is an integral part of traffic management for the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA’s) Air Traffic Control System Command Center (ATCSCC) and more than 100 other FAA facilities, as well as NAV CANADA and 24 domestic and international airlines.

In 2011, Metron Aviation was acquired by Airbus Americas, and became part of Airbus ProSky, Airbus’ air traffic management subsidiary group, growing the company’s partnership with international stakeholders and providing access to the latest avionics and aircraft technologies. Metron Aviation’s air traffic flow management solutions continue to deliver return on investment by eliminating delays, reducing fuel burn and improving efficiency, worldwide. With partners and customers on six continents, Metron Aviation is solving the most vexing challenges in the aviation industry.

Our Airbus Family

After being acquired by Airbus in 2011, Metron Aviation became part of the Airbus ProSky Group and “Services by Airbus,” based in Toulouse, France.

Our teams complement each other in products and services. Airbus ProSky is the industry leader in Performance Based Navigation (PBN) and airport solutions – understanding the latest in flight operations to drive predictability, efficiency and sustainability.