Enhanced Substitution Module (ESM)

Metron Aviation’s first commercial software product, the Enhanced Substitution Module (ESM), is an automated flight substitution aid for airline users. ESM is an optional add-on component to Flight Schedule Monitor (FSM). It provides resource alerts, delay previews, and other tools to assist a user in strategically substituting and canceling flights that are controlled by ATC regulations. ESM also includes algorithms for automating repetitive tasks and for evaluating complex priority scenarios to choose preferred swaps.


The primary benefit of ESM is reduction of air traffic control¬†delay for an airline’s flights, which translates directly into cost savings for the carrier. Daily savings for a hub carrier at a single regulated airport can easily reach dozens of hours and many thousands of dollars. ESM is also used as an analysis tool to reenact historical scenarios to evaluate lessons learned and benefit future substitutions. The ESM platform has repeatedly been utilized to prototype new substitution procedures and been made available to all CDM participants (including non-ESM customers) for trial in human-in-the-loop tests, aiding rapid concept verification.