Harmony SIM

In collaboration with ANSPs, airspace users, and airport operators worldwide, Metron Aviation offers Harmony SIM: an ATFM simulation platform to evaluate potential ATFM scenarios and improve the development of concepts in a collaborative manner. The Harmony SIM simulation platform enables users to ensure the correct solution is applied to the operational environment.

Harmony SIM:

  • Is installed locally to facilitate stakeholder engagement
  • Incorporates operational data from local and regional ANSPs to develop scenarios for replay
  • Acts as the ANSP ATFM solution, allowing real-time evaluation and discussion of different traffic flow management (TFM) techniques and strategies
  • Can be integrated with Metron Harmony ATFM products or local Flow Management products
  • Increases stakeholders’ preparedness in what-if scenarios
  • Identifies training opportunities and can be used to facilitate training curricula
  • Demonstrates new concepts and techniques
  • Evaluates gaps in existing operational tooling
  • Includes analysis to identify and evaluate key performance indicators (KPIs) during the simulation to ensure activities are constantly improving operations