Advanced Research on Future Air Traffic Management Concepts

Thought Leaders in Air Traffic Management

In order to stay at the forefront of industry needs and air traffic management (ATM) technology, Metron Aviation has a long-standing reputation for in-depth and advanced research. The team applies math, science, and engineering to transportation-related problems in order to solve tomorrow’s most vexing challenges.

Our team members’ skill sets include concept development and maturation, fast time modeling and simulation, human-in-the-loop (HITLs), mathematical modeling and algorithm design. Metron Aviation has been highly successful at taking novel concepts in ATM and ATFM from conceptualization to implementation through its concept engineering process. A necessary ingredient for this success is a deep understanding of the interests and concerns of all aviation stakeholders. From global ANSPs to the FAA to NASA to airlines and airports, Metron Aviation comprehends the concerns of each stakeholder. Metron Aviation performs research in wide range of ATFM application areas, such as weather, UAS integration into the airspace, surface improvements, and environmental models.