UAS Integration Research

Integrating UAS into Airspaces

A closer look at one of Metron’s current research areas, illustrates the comprehensive knowledge Metron Aviation contributes to the field. For example,¬†Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) operate aircraft with no human pilot on board. Either the aircraft is programmed or the pilot is remote (ground-based). UAS are ideal for operating missions that are too long in duration (e.g. 36 hours) or too hazardous for an onboard pilot. Viable applications include military missions, law enforcement, border patrol, weather data collection, telecommunications, land use imaging, and cargo transport. Today, a number of retailers are exploring the possibility of UAS use to improve their overall business strategy.

Integration of UAS into the national airspace, cannot happen overnight, however. A number of factors must be considered and regulations identified as unmanned aircraft enter the same space as manned aircraft.

NASA and other organizations have invested heavily in UAS research. Metron Aviation researches and addresses issues associated with UAS integration, such as conflict detection and resolution, control and communication mechanisms, new policies and procedures, and security measures.

Metron Aviation has also supported the FAA in stakeholder engagement and UAS road-map development.