Working with industry partners, Aireon is helping to unlock new operational, safety, and environmental improvement opportunities for a leader in the adoption of space-based automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) services – the Agency for Air Navigation Safety in Africa and Madagascar (ASECNA).

Aireon, working with Metron Aviation, has integrated its AireonFLOW air traffic flow management (ATFM) data into Metron Aviation’s Horizon platform. The combination of the two systems allows for continuous global satellite-derived ADS-B position reports and will extend the visibility of ASECNA flights outside its airspace. Further, this complete solution will assist ASECNA to more accurately predict traffic flows into its airspace and airports for ATFM implementation which will improve and maintain a high level of safety and efficiency, and reduce fuel consumption operating costs, as well as pilot and ATC workload. ASECNA has been using Aireon data operationally across its 6 managed FIRs since 2020.

“The integration of these two market leading capabilities – AireonFLOW data stream and Metron Aviation’s Horizon system – is serving up a complete, best-in-class, cloud based ATFM solution to ASECNA,” said Peter Cabooter, Aireon Vice President of Customer Affairs. “This is the first time we’ve done an integration such as this to be able to provide long range ATFM as a service, and we’re really just beginning to realize the full potential the Aireon ADS-B data stream can bring to the aviation community.”

“By extending traffic visibility outside ASECNA’s airspace, the African continent is aligning air traffic flow management capabilities with Europe and the U.S., avoiding delays and reducing carbon footprint,” said Mohamed Moussa, Director General of ASECNA.

ASECNA, an air navigation services provider to 18 African countries within an airspace of 16,500,000 square kilometers, has been a global leader in the adoption of space-based ADS-B. ASECNA also develops solutions for airport management, aviation infrastructure studies and construction, equipment maintenance, calibration of air navigation instruments, training for civil aviation staff and is highly involved in innovation technology than can provide better solutions for users in terms of safety, efficiency, and saving carbon footprint.

The Metron Aviation’s Horizon Air Traffic Management (ATM) system provides common situational awareness for monitoring air traffic demand and capacity, enabling strategic, pre-tactical, and tactical predictions for airports and airspaces.

“The integration of the two systems will provide ASECNA with an unparalleled high-fidelity and consolidated picture of current and predicted demand for airspace and airport resources across their entire operation,” said Chris Jordan, President Metron Aviation.

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SOURCE: Aireon

17 August 2023, Thu. 6:30PM (EST)