Environmental Policy Support

Increasing Sustainability, Mitigating the Impact of Air Travel

Metron Aviation has capabilities to support policy-making in different environmental areas that impact aviation such as fuel use, greenhouse gases, air-quality emissions and noise.

Key to the continued growth of the aviation industry is its ability to mitigate the environmental effects of air travel and enhance overall sustainability. Metron Aviation is experienced in developing plans and actions that aid ANSPs, aircraft operators and airports. For example, Metron Aviation has developed alternative routes that mitigate noise impacts for elements of major airspace-design efforts and follow best practices for Environmental Management Systems. Environmental mitigation services involve:

  • Causal Analysis: Systematic application techniques that uncover the causes of environmental impacts of concern. This involves identifying the flights or operational behaviors that are contributing the most to the impacts of concern.
  • Development of Mitigation Plans: Once the underlying causes have been identified, Metron Aviation uses both analytical and algorithmic techniques to develop alternatives that mitigate the impacts of concern. This may involve moving routes, changing runway usage, reducing taxi queues and several other possibilities.
  • Assessment of Mitigation Plans: Each mitigation plan developed is modeled for its environmental impacts to ensure that the mitigation objectives are attained.


  • Reduces Fuel Consumption
  • Reduces Emissions
  • Reduces Delays
  • Improves Delay Planning
  • Lowers Thrust (with improved aircraft technology)


Alternative Fuels

  • Availability, Cost & Benefit Assessment
  • Quality & Certification

Software Development

  • Aircraft Noise Modeling
  • Emissions Modeling
  • Fuel Consumption Modeling

Environmental Analysis

  • System-Level Impact Analysis
  • Airport Analysis
  • Airspace Design Analysis
  • NEPA Regulatory Impact Assessment