HERNDON, Va., Oct. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —Metron Aviation, a global leader in software solutions for air traffic management (ATM) and air traffic flow management systems (ATFM), will exhibit at the 2021 World ATM Congress, in Madrid, Spain.

Metron Aviation will showcase its Post-Operations Evaluation Tool (P.O.E.T.)—an advanced analytical tool used by the aviation community to view and analyze ATM operations and airspace system performance. This software system tool delivers to airlines, airports, and air navigation service providers a better understanding of their daily operations. P.O.E.T.’s intuitive, query–based interface enables stakeholders to address systematic problems by merging data feeds to create a full picture of operations in the areas of flight, traffic flow, and performance.

Only with P.O.E.T. can the overwhelming amount of data and information be simplified, analyzed, and transformed into real-world actionable intelligence. P.O.E.T. enables stakeholders to identify inefficiencies through analysis, which can be used to implement improvements that reduce fuel costs, enhance environmental performance, increase maintenance savings, and improve policies and procedures.

During the two-day event, Metron Aviation and NAVBLUE invite participants to visit stand #1338, in Feria de Madrid, and learn more about their ATM and ATFM software solutions and on–site deployment or software–as–a–service cloud delivery model.

About Metron Aviation
Metron Aviation is the most trusted and proven innovator in the Air Traffic Management (ATM) industry. A subsidiary of Airbus, Metron Aviation has an honored past of developing ATM and ATFM solutions for the global aviation industry. By working with all stakeholders in the air traffic management arena — air navigation service providers, airlines, airports, civil aviation authorities, and other influencers — Metron Aviation understands what is at the heart of aviation issues and can tackle even the most complex air traffic management challenges.

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07 October 2021, Thu. 2:16PM (EST)