Horizon is an Air Traffic Management (ATM) solution that provides common situational awareness for monitoring air traffic demand and capacity. Like Harmony, it provides strategic, pre-tactical, and tactical predictions for airports and airspaces. Horizon supports Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) concepts to improve efficiency and predictability.


  • Integrates data from multiple sources across all time phases
  • Supports decision-making capabilities in a changing environment
  • Monitors airport and airspace traffic in real time
  • Promotes CDM and common situational awareness across all airspace and airport stakeholders
  • Provides demand predictions into the future
  • Provides a look ahead of up to thirty-six hours for demand predictions
  • Leads to alignment with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) guidelines for demand-capacity balancing
  • Provides demand awareness to facilitate the application of staffing resources to meet the predicted demand
  • Provides real-time demand predictions with resource capacity overlays for quick identification of demand and capacity imbalances