Metron Aviation Wins FAA Contract for Speech Recognition and Machine Learning

May 31, 2020

HERNDON, VA, May 2020 – Metron Aviation, a subsidiary of Airbus, has won a competitive Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) contract to provide speech recognition and machine learning for Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM). The contract creates a concept exploration document that details the use of speech recognition and machine learning technologies in ATFM. This concept document will include operational context to ensure that the technology meets the needs of the FAA operation. The concept will address the current state of ATFM, gaps within the current system, and use cases that explain the use of the technology and resulting benefits within future operations. The 18-month contract will advance Metron Aviation’s machine learning capabilities and its position as a leader in the Air Traffic Flow Management industry. Metron Aviation will evaluate the use of speech recognition capabilities to interpret coordinated speech information, including planning teleconference. Metron will also evaluate the use of Human Language Technologies such as natural language processing and computational linguistics, to interpret text information in handwritten notes and transform the interpreted information into structured data. The structured data will be used to improve ATFM planning and execution. In addition, the research will explore the use of machine learning technologies to process this new structured data in combination with the already available structured operations data to enable automation learning.

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Toni Evans
Metron Aviation Marketing