There is much to be gained from Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) and Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) implementation, including improved flight predictability, enhanced safety, capacity and efficiency, and the environmental and cost benefits of reduced flight delays and fuel use.

However, it is also timely to consider the harmonisation and integration of ATFM and A-CDM to optimize the entire flight process from gate to gate.

Integration between ATFM and A-CDM maximizes their benefits. And as the aviation industry recovers and air traffic returns, both will be key to a smooth restart of ATM operations in the air and on the ground.

As part of our industry’s effort to support the promotion and implementation of ATFM and A-CDM in the Asia Pacific Region, CANSO and ACI Asia-Pacific held a virtual workshop to discuss the benefits of ATFM and A-CDM integration.

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08 June 2021, Tue. 2:34PM (EST)