Product Training

Metron Aviation’s training program serves as a vehicle for ensuring that the full capabilities and user friendly features of product solutions are understood and easy for a customer to apply to their unique situation.

Training sessions are available for new users to Metron Aviation’s solutions and for current users who are required to have a comprehensive understanding of upgrades and newly added features. All training is scheduled at the most convenient time for the customer, and training material is provided for ease of learning.

Product training includes:

New User Training: This is a comprehensive session, designed to teach new users all the capabilities, features, and functions of Metron Aviation’s solutions. The training delves into product functionalities so that users understand not only how to use the application, but also when and why certain capabilities might be utilized.

New Features Training: This is designed for users who have prior working experience with the product. Trainers use the currently deployed product version as a baseline, and then demonstrate all the new features and enhancements.

Classroom Training: This option is delivered by renowned experts of ATFM systems and Metron Aviation’s solutions. The course provides users with hands-on experience using the product in a nonproduction environment. This enables users to actively work through real-world scenarios, without impacting normal operations. The instructors ensure that COVID-19 protocols are implemented and adhered to during the sessions.

Remote Training: This option provides users with the flexibility to train on-demand. Metron Aviation’s Computer-Based Training is designed to provide the user with all necessary background information, as well as simulated hands-on experience with the product.


  • Custom product instruction
  • Theory applied immediately through tasks
  • Immediate feedback
  • Training program tailored to customer’s operations
  • Instruction provided by aviation experts
  • Where appropriate, real work environment on customer’s site

Technical Support

Metron Aviation provides non-critical technical support to ANSPs, aircraft and airport operators during normal business hours. Support ranges from analysis, and data support, to troubleshooting reported problems.

Through a client program, Metron offers 24/7 emergency support to assist with mission‑critical issues and provide a rapid response by technical experts who can troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

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