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Metron Aviation Services COVID-19

Safety has always been the greatest priority in aviation and for decades our industry has proven its ability to manage risks in a professional, innovative and globally coordinated way.

The COVID-19 crisis has led to world-wide travel bans and a significant reduction in global flights. Consequently, leading to an increase in the need for remote working and distance learning. Metron Aviation has adapted its policy and procedures to meet the needs of our staff and customers during this difficult and challenging time.

Training and Education Services

Metron Aviation provides customized customer training and education. The training serves as a vehicle for ensuring that the complexities of the software product are understood, and its user-friendly features are applied easily.
Training sessions are available for new users to Metron Aviation’s products and for current users who are required to have a comprehensive understanding of upgrades and newly added features. Training includes:

ATFM System Support Services

  • New User Training: A comprehensive session, designed to teach new users all of the capabilities, features, and functions of Metron Aviation’s solutions. The training delves into product functionalities so that users understand not only how to use the application, but also when and why certain capabilities might be utilized.
  • New Features Training: Designed for users who have prior working experience with the product. Trainers use the currently deployed product version as a baseline, and then demonstrate all features and enhancements that have since been added to the product.

Training is available in two formats: classroom and remote.

  • Classroom Training is delivered by an instructor in a face-to-face format. The course provides users with hands-on experience with the product in a non-production environment, allowing users to actively work through real-world scenarios, without impacting normal operations.
  • The Remote Training option provides users with the flexibility to train on-demand. Metron Aviation’s Computer-Based Training (CBT) is designed to provide the user with necessary background information, as well as simulated hands-on experience with the product.

Operational Support

Metron Aviation considers our customers an extension of our team, and thus provides non-critical technical support to ANSPs, and aircraft operator and airport customers during normal business hours. Support ranges from analysis, data support, to troubleshooting of reported problems.

A client program, covering 24/7 emergency support is available to assist with mission critical issues and provide a rapid response from a technical expert to troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.


Simulation Training Lab

From Lab to Landing

Every flight requires the seamless interaction of a well-orchestrated team of professionals and well-engineered technology solutions. Simulation training serves as the critical foundation that will bring people and technology together to ensure that air traffic flow management (ATFM) delivers fully on its potential benefits. Metron Aviation, a subsidiary of Airbus, has served as a pioneer in the ATFM industry for decades—delivering thought leadership and innovative ATFM products and solutions that are essential in airspace efficiency.

The Metron Aviation ATFM Simulation Training Laboratory facilitates air navigation service providers (ANSPs), aircraft operators and airport authorities’ ability to simulate and optimize ATFM procedures.

Metron Aviation’s Simulation Training Laboratory is a leading-edge Metron ATFM operational tool. The laboratory allows access to our flagship products—Harmony and Horizon—and provides a sophisticated closed loop simulation environment allowing complete realism in exercises. All laboratory applications and hardware can be installed on customer premises or can be cloud-based with user terminals supported in customer premises.

The laboratory can support up to ten (10) positions, reflecting multiple ATFM stakeholder roles as needed.