Air Traffic Management Solutions for ANSPs, Airlines And Airports

Metron Aviation proudly provides information technology (IT) as an onsite deployment or software as a service (SaaS) aviation solutions in support of its primary focusto be a global brand that delivers excellent products in the aviation industry and inspires customers through an exceptional experience.

Metron Aviation provides its customers and partners with state-of-the-art solutions for complex aviation challenges, and offers a diverse range of products and services for the industry and beyond. Our primary customers are air navigation service providers (ANSPs), airlines, airports, civil aviation authorities, and the U.S. Federal government.


Harmony is a comprehensive Integrated Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) solution that provides a framework for exchanging flight data among users who share the need for a common view of air traffic flow operations. It supports current and emerging Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) concepts to improve efficiency and predictability. Learn more about Harmony.

Horizon is an Air Traffic Management (ATM) solution that provides common situational awareness for monitoring air traffic demand and capacity. Like Harmony, it provides strategic, pre-tactical, and tactical predictions for airports and airspaces. Horizon supports Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) concepts to improve efficiency and predictability. Learn more about Horizon.


Post-Operations Evaluation Tool (P.O.E.T.) is an advanced analysis system used by the aviation community to view and analyze Air Traffic Management (ATM) operations and airspace system performance with ease. It is designed to identify areas of airspace congestion or inefficiency by providing users a variety of customizable reports that include departure, en-route and arrival delays; planned operations versus actual operations, and diversions, cancellations, and Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) Measure compliance metrics. The metrics can be used in performance dashboards, reports, or long-term trend analytics. Learn more about P.O.E.T.

Metron Aviation Suite for Airlines simplifies the use of complex Federal Aviation Administration System Wide Information Management (FAA SWIM) data, making it user friendly and useful.

This solution provides a means to apply airline business priorities by automating slot management, creating custom reports, and providing account management to customize access to each component and saved setting. In addition, Metron’s Collaborative Decision Making Data Exchange (CDMDX) provides interface standards to make FAA SWIM data available to other internal airline applications. Learn more about Suite for Airlines.

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