Air traffic flow management (ATFM) identifies and manages demand and capacity imbalances at airports and in airspace. Through the application of ATFM solutions, stakeholders can share accurate and up-to-date information to make informed collaborative decisions. This enables air navigation service providers (ANSP) to react to dynamically changing variables such as weather conditions, air traffic demand, equipment outages, controller staffing, and other planned or unplanned events. For these reasons, ANSPs need the ATFM solutions of Metron Aviation.

Our flow management solutions contribute to the safety, efficiency, cost effectiveness, and environmental sustainability of the entire ATFM system through common situational awareness, strategic automation for implementing traffic management measures, and continual improvement through post-operational metrics and reporting.

Innovation, what does it mean? Webster defines ‘innovation’ as a new idea, method, or device, “the introduction of something new.” Metron Aviation’s mission and focus has always been to provide our customers with not only their requirements but with “something new” that supports situational awareness!

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History of Innovation
FAA Flight Schedule Monitor Prototype FAA P.O.E.T. FAA CDM Slot Credit Substitutions FedEx Surface Management FAA Airspace Flow Program FAA Departure Flow Management South Africa Air Traffic Navigation Service 2010 Airservices Australia CAAS Regional ATFM Research China ATMB ATFM CONOPS Dutch Caribbean ATFM Award South Korea & Metron Aviation Partner CAAS Singapore Operational System Long Range ATFM Global Predictability in a Pandemic

FAA Flight Schedule Monitor Prototype

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) - Flight Schedule Monitor Prototype – 1995
First prototype of Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) software for the FAA showing demand and capacity balancing for arrivals at airports. First implementation of the Ground Delay Program.


Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) - Post-Operations Analysis Tool (P.O.E.T.) – 1997
First system wide Air Traffic Management (ATM) analytics platform, P.O.E.T., for the FAA to assess ATM efficiency. Airlines utilized the tool to evaluate airline efficiency dramatically reducing fuel costs.

FAA CDM Slot Credit Substitutions

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) - CDM Slot Credit Substitutions – 2002
Created a mechanism for blind slot swapping between airlines that prevented collusion and increased efficiency of capacity use.

FedEx Surface Management

FedEx - Surface Management - 2004
Initial surface management system deployed for FedEx, Memphis, Tennessee for managing surface operations.

FAA Airspace Flow Program

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) - Airspace Flow Programs – 2005
Created an Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) measure to scope, or limit, delay impact to the actual enroute constraint such as severe weather. Flights not filed to travel through the constrained area are not delayed.

FAA Departure Flow Management

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) - Departure Flow Management – 2007
Automated the APREQ process for departure management.

South Africa Air Traffic Navigation Service 2010

South Africa 2010 - First international commercial deployment of Air Traffic Flow Management system by Metron Aviation for the Federation Internationale Football Association (FIFA).

Airservices Australia

Airservices Australia and Metron Aviation Launch Harmony System – 2010
First long-term commercial deployment for Harmony System.

CAAS Regional ATFM Research

CAAS, Singapore and Metron Aviation work to create a regional ATFM concept of operations the APAC region. The concept developed a distributed multi-nodal cross-border cooperation adopted by ICAO (Asia/Pacific Regional Air Traffic Flow Management Concept of Operations).


ATMB China ATFM Integration Award – 2013
Created a concept for a national level ATFM system for Air Traffic Management Bureau China that is integrated with the existing regional solutions.

Dutch Caribbean ATFM Award

Horizon System launch, Air Traffic Management (ATM) solution that provides common situational awareness for monitoring air traffic demand and capacity.

South Korea & Metron Aviation Partner

South Korea – Harmony System – 2015
Converted Harmony System into an Air Traffic Flow Management engine and partnered with local South Korean company to have a custom South Korean user interface developed and integrated with the Harmony engine.

CAAS Singapore Operational System

CAAS Singapore - Operational System – 2017
First commercially deployed operational system for the multi-nodal regional Air Traffic Flow Management concept in South East Asia.

Long Range ATFM

Airservices Australia - Long Range – 2019
Created a concept for control of long-haul international traffic to increase arrival predictability, utilizing Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM).

Global Predictability in a Pandemic

CANSO-Metron COVID-19 Recovery Program of 2020 provided free access to the Horizon System to ANSPs worldwide. The COVID Recovery plan included Metron Aviation’s online training and technical support. Supporting this were FlightAware, for flight data services and AvFinity, Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network data.

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