Air Traffic Management

The Horizon system is an Air Traffic Management (ATM) solution that provides a complete system-wide view of air traffic operations enabling stakeholders to monitor current and future demand, and identify constraints related to available airspace and airport resources. A web-based platform, Horizon promotes stakeholder collaboration through a common predictive view of demand for arriving, departing, and overflight traffic based on scheduled, planned, and operational data. Its advanced air traffic flow management (ATFM) solution provides superior visibility and data accuracy for all aspects of ATFM to support better decisions.


  • Identification of current and future airspace and airport constraints
  • Evaluation of future demand at airports
  • Accurate arrival predictions for domestic and international flights
  • Instant evaluation of user-defined airspace
  • Common situational awareness platform for all stakeholders
  • Minimization of delays and airborne holding
  • Identification of future sector loading in support of staff resource alignment
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