Comprehensive Integrated Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) solution

Harmony System

Comprehensive Integrated Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) solution that provides a framework for exchanging flight data among users who share the need for a common view of air traffic flow operations.

ATFM identifies and manages demand and capacity imbalances at airports and in airspace. Through the application of ATFM solutions, stakeholders can share accurate and up-to-date information to make informed collaborative decisions. This enables air navigation service providers (ANSPs) to react to dynamically changing variables such as weather conditions, air traffic demand, equipment outages, controller staffing, and other planned or unplanned events. For these reasons, ANSPs need the ATFM solutions of Metron Aviation.

Keeping The System Flowing

Keeping The System Flowing

The Harmony system is a comprehensive, integrated Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) solution that enables aviation authorities to proactively monitor and manage system-wide operations at local, regional, and global levels. Harmony provides stakeholders a common view of current and future air traffic conditions as well as advanced automation for identifying and managing a dynamic and changing environment.

The Harmony system fuses data from numerous aviation sources to provide accurate demand prediction for arriving, departing, and overflights to identify current and future constraints. Powerful automated tools enable users to collaboratively model, implement, and revise equitable and timely solutions for determining the best strategy for managing identified constraints and optimizing throughput. The result is improved airspace efficiency and enhanced safety for all airspace users.

Harmony Features

Identification of current and future airport and airspace constraints
Identification of current and future airport and airspace constraints
Instant evaluation of user-defined airspace
Capacity determination and declaration
Evaluation of future demand at airports
Proactive management of constraints through automated solutions
Common situational awareness platform for all stakeholders
Accurate predictive data to support strategic decision-making
Accurate arrival predictions for domestic and international flights
Optimized solutions through advanced what-if modeling
Minimization of delays and airborne holding
Proactive management of imbalances between demand and capacity

Harmony Benefits

Maximizes utilization of airport and airspace resources
Maximizes utilization of airport and airspace resources
Improves safety
Improves safety
Improves environmental sustainability
Improves environmental sustainability
Minimizes delay impacts from aviation constraints
Minimizes delay impacts from aviation constraints
Delivers real-time situational awareness
Accurately monitors arriving, departing, and overflight traffic
Enables platform for collaboration across all stakeholders

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Our SaaS platform is predictive analysis, descriptive and prescriptive analysis, data management, statistical procedures and components.

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Feature Comparison

The Harmony and Horizon systems have common features that support aviation systems. The comparison chart shows the additional features that Harmony provides for a wider array of solutions.

Feature Harmony Horizon
System & Data Integration
  • Strategic Schedule
  • Global Surveillance
  • ANSP Data
  • Airport Schedule
  • Airline Schedule
  • SWIM Compatible
  • Local Surveillance
image description image description
Capacity Declaration & Monitoring
  • Airports
  • Sectors
  • Airways
  • User-Defined Airspace
  • Terminal Maneuvering Areas
  • Fixes
image description image description
  • Graphs
  • Interactive Map
  • Flight Lists
  • Detailed Flight Information
image description image description
Contingency Management
  • What-If Modeling
  • Dynamic Revisions
  • Impact Modeling
image description
ATFM Measures
  • Miles-in-Trail
  • Ground Stops
  • Reroutes
  • Minutes-in-Trail
  • Ground Delay Programs
  • Fix Balancing
  • Level Capping
  • Airspace Flow Programs
image description
Collaborative Decision Making
  • Stakeholder Awareness
  • Information Exchange
  • What-If Scenarios
  • Flight Substitutions
image description
Post Analysis and Continual Improvement
  • Daily Reports
  • Post-Operations Analysis
  • Continual Improvement
  • Historical Replay
  • ICAO ATFM Performance Metrics
image description

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Metron Aviation provides 24/7 technical support that includes analysis and resolution of reported issues, data support, and other user assistance. Our emergency rapid-response technical support team responds to mission-critical issues and efficiently troubleshoots and resolves issues.

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